ABC Wallet (New Genaration Wallet!)


  Wouldn't you like to fit all your essentials into something very little? There are loads of minimal wallets that can work perfectly for you, but none of them make you feel unique. ABC wallet differs from all the other minimal wallets. Here is why: 

1) Choose your letter!

Imagine going to a cafe with your friends all with different styles, characters and most importantly different names. But your wallets are the same! 
Now there is ABC wallet. A wallet specific for you and your name. 

2) ABC Wallet as a gift? YES!

Cheer your beloved ones giving them an ABC Wallet as a gift. It's both affordable and unique. 

3) ABC Wallet is for everyone and you can use it anytime.

While doing sports or shopping, taking care of your baby... Or in the school or work. 
You can use ABC Wallet anytime, anywhere. Just as long as your name starts with a letter from the alphabet. 

4) Choose your colour! 

Each colour means something. 
Red stands for energy...
Blue for peace, good for everyone. 
Yellow is inspirational!!

You can find this amazing unisex wallet

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